Have you looked in your personal makeup bag lately and noticed your products are due for a major revamp.     Having clean, new and sanitized makeup products along with brushes are necessary to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.   Our products  we use  are just as important as the technique behind your brands of choice.    Old sponges that are used over and over again causes bacteria build-up and can lead to severe skin issues.  I personal have seen women reuse old compact sponges and NEVER throw them out.   In addition, using  mascara that is old and dried out over and over again can build bacteria around the eye and cause irritation.   So, here are five tips to help you know when your makeup is past it’s prime!!

When makeup  smells bad. 

Most lipsticks and lip glosses start to smell bad when its gets old.  This is a good indication it’s time to toss it.

When the  texture or consistency of your product begins to change.

Product texture and consistency will change when its old.  The product will begin to separate into layers when this happens.

When the color shifts inside the product it’s time to let it go. 

Colors within eyeshadow, blush and powder compacts  are sensitive to light and the colors will shift.   Sometimes in most press powder compacts a clear hard film sits on top of the product and it doesn’t move.  STOP reapplying it to your skin and throw it away.

If a product begins to grow fuzz-YUCK!!!

Fuzz grows on products like eye shadows, cream foundations, lipsticks, powders and blushes.  If this occurs, you guessed it-TOSS IT!!

If the product has dark spots.

Dark spots are a clear indication that the product is old and cannot be reused.  This means your product is at the end of it’s course.

Now that you know what five things are clear indications your makeup kit needs a re-up, start tossing out the old and let’s start shopping for new and better products to help create a beautiful and healthy look.

Happy Makeup,

The Makeup Maven