Our skin regimen is extremely important before we can apply any color to our face.  As Winter approaches, it is necessary to change your moisturizer from season to season.  Here are a few moisturizers I recommend to maintain a healthy canvas:

Olive Oil is something my grandmother has used for years to moisturize her beautiful skin. Olive Oil has been around for centuries and is the most natural approach to moisturizing your skin.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is specifically formulated for dry sensitive skin.  It’s fragrance free, fast-acting and creates long lasting hydration.  It helps prevent recurrence of dryness.

Dinur Cosmetics Hydrocare Moisturizer SPF 8 intensely hydrates as it helps restore and rebuild sensitive skin.  It’s specifically for normal/oily skin.  This moisturizer leaves the skin visibly lucent with a healthy glow.

Remember to always cleanse, exfoliate (as needed), tone and moisturize.  Be sure your moisturizer has a SPF.

Without a healthy canvas, you can’t create a flawless look!!!

Happy Makeup,
The Makeup Maven